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I could care less if I ever get to some elevated status. I gave up on that fantasy a long time ago. This business is one big show, everything you see and read about an artist is just some crafty marketing team trying to mind-fuck you into buying into the next big product. Everything in this world is packaged and sold to the masses. Just like a Big Mac, from your politicians to your celebrities, everything is advertised to make you empty your wallet. I just want to make real music. I want to write songs. Something that I can be proud of. This shit is my therapy. We all have habits and addictions. I’ve had more than a few. But the one that I can't shake is songwriting. Hate all you want, but that ids about as real as I can be. I appreciate every fan that supports my therapy. Thanks for listening.


Rebel Nation....The Journey 

Welcome to REBEL NATION, my second studio album. It took 2 years to complete this project and i'm very proud of the final product. We took our time with this one, I didn't want to rush a thing. We came so far from the release of “the vault”, to the release of the “the return”, that I knew this project had to be special.  Everything from the production (SSO, PSB, Sinima, and Monstarr) to the artwork were carefully considered. Demarco came through in the clutch many times, and this album probably wouldn't even exist if not for him. Even though there were times during this album that I thought we would kill each other, we got through it.


Rebel Nation....The Meaning 

Rebel Nation is exactly what it appears. A union of rebels against the status quo. A collection of all the tattooed freaks that your mother warned you about. We are the ones that reject the masses and follow our own path. The ones who don't quite fit in......That's us! I'm so sick of this bubblegum, poppy, repetitive hip hop bullshit on the radio. Even more so, I'm sick of hearing people tell me that the only way to be successful in this business, is to recreate the same garbage that everyone else is making. I’ve never been a flashy, materialistic cat. That's just not my style. I've always been a little different….and outcast…...a rebel…...an EXILE.


Join The Rebellion!! 

Welcome to WhoIsExile.com ! Were gonna try some new things with this relaunch. First and foremost make sure you check out the “REBELS ONLY” tab of the site and sign up. When you become a REBEL you get access to behind the scenes video, special discounts, and exclusive chat forums. As a rebel you ask all sorts of questions, and get personal responses from me. You could even get to be an actor in my next video, or win some cool prizes.


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